Estado de Alindaterra- your home on the mountain. A genuine gorgeous condo with rural land Here you can find a perfect place to build your house in a farm condominium, with private sights to the forest reserve or will be in front of a pond, that may be surrounded by cows and horses. Some sites will have direct access to the airstrip, so you will can get to your country house by plane.”

  • The proprieties have individual rural titles and are situated in a condominium that has complete infrastructure;
  • Units available for instant entry and issue its title, in areas that may vary from 1200 sq/meter to 5400 sq/meter;
  • The entire condominium comprises 110 private units, totaling 395 hectares;
  • Most of the valley is composed by protected forests, in which are 3 main creeks that supply the area with more than 15 delightful waterfalls;
  • A farm of pure nature, good services and easy access.

We also offer services like: lodging and eating at our partner hotels Curucada and Pousada Trinca Ferro, architectural project, construction management, rentals and maintenance, gardening maintenance and horse care. Agricultural inputs are also available for you to plant and harvest with us!