Lifehedge properties

We facilitate the acquisition of exclusive rural Life Hedge Properties in the mountains of Santa Catarina state of Brazil

World famous investor Doug Casey has coined the term Life Hedge Property. This can be defined as a rural property which is relatively protected and will support a good living standard in case of worldwide economic crisis/war while providing you with the most essential (FEW) resources – Food, Energy, Water. To find a life hedge property you have to find a life hedge regionfirst. No country qualifies as a life hedge anymore, frankly, there is no perfect country in the world – mostly, criminal and stupid governments are the problem. Well, governments reflect the people you voted for these polititians, right? To find a real life hedge region is by no means easy – not so many of such places left.

It is about property, about land, the ultimate asset! Especially in times of crisis.

Gold, livestock, timber, food, oil, water, metals etc, etc…where do these all come from? Where do all things of value originate? Land. Who owns it, who controls it, and who does not. From the primitive wars over turf, to the feudal overlords, to the current day and all days beyond. If you have land you have the ability to create, store and accumulate, the raw materials to build and sustain. Without land you only have a finite store of goods that came from somebody else’s land and is housed on somebody else’s land. It is the primary, and ultimate, form of wealth. This has not changed since feudal times.

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  • Unique Life Hedge Property in one of the safest Strategic Relocation spots on Earth
  • Profitable Real Estate Investment through our Unique Crisis Proof Business Model

While we can find any suitable property for you, our own development project is called AlindaTerra. AlindaTerra is your home in the mountains, an amazingly beautiful and life supporting secluded residential estate on lands near Urubici, Santa Catarina, the „European state“ of Brazil. Homesitesoffering maximum privacy, spectacular views and supporting infrastructures: hotelhealth clubhealth clinicprivate airstrip, etc. Land areas are ranging from 1500 Square Meters (0.37 Acres) to 5000 Square Meters (1.24 Acres) and will cost between 49 000 USD and 120 000 USD depending on location and views. Click here to view the master plan. There are some amazing bigger properties available.

One of the best Economic Visa Programs for Residency and Second Passport in the world

AlindaTerra is not just crisis proof land investment, but also Brazilian residency and citizenship programproperty management and development services, and of course, exciting and profitable LifeStyle. AlindaTerra is managed by Alinda Invest Ltd. A daughter company of EU registered investment company with steady personal presence in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Company has more than 10 years exclusive experience in acquiring permanent residency and successful investing in Santa Catarina of Brazil. We have advised investors from many countries worldwide, including the USA, EU countries, Switzerland, Australia who have selected lands and real estate in Santa Catarina because of due diligence analysis of the world affairs.

Please contact us for more detailed information and to schedule a visit. We understand needs and concerns of potential investors and the nature and confidentiality of any submited information.