Why Alindaterra


  1. Urubici region is very beautiful, it can be called a Switzerland of Brazil
  2. True magnificent “million dollar” 180 degree mountain views
  3. Santa Catarina state is a privileged place due to its diversity of natural beauty
  4. SC is also one of the most developed states of Brazil
  5. Only 20 minutes from the property to the center of Urubici town center
  6. Only 160 km by car and 23 minute flight by private airplane to well known Florianopolis resort city with its shops, bars and restaurants and to its International Airport
  7. Only 160 km to Praia do Garopaba (yacht harbor) and to other nearby magnificent beaches Praia do Rosa, Praia so Silveira etc. (9 beaches altogether)
  8. Despite of the above – extremely private, protected by mountains and Atlantic Forest
  9. Favorable subtropical microclimate, specific to this location. Cooler temperatures, change of four seasons and possibility of snowfall in winter
  10. Guarded gate condominium
  11. Possibility to be energy (solar, wind, etc.) and food (fertile land) independent
  12. Value adding property developments are happening nearby will undoubtedly have remarkable positive influence to property prices in Urubici region:
  • neighbouring valley will be developed as a theme property with wineyards and wine mansion
  •  Reconstruction which will convert Road 101 (Access northways through Florianopolis to Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo and southways to Porto Allegre, Uruguay and Argentina) to 4 line highway will be completed in few months, this will considerably improve access to Urubici from South and North, making it easy to access by tourists (resulting in rise of property prices), at the same time this will improve access of land owners from the region to these vibrant cities and other parts of Brazil.
  •   A shortcut road through Serra de Corvo Branco from BR101 to Urubici will be completed next year and will considerably improve commuting between coast and the mountains

13. Rapid increase in the value of real estate in this region of Brazil is inevitable as revenues from tourism rise and as rural properties will be developed. There is a real trend developing – people big cities of Brazil are in increasing numbers buying properties here, so do people from Europe and from United States. Therefore, truly amazing, safe and self sustainable properties will be increasingly hard to find.

View to the valley Curucaca