Homes for Sale

Integrated with nature, amazing energy and views

The homes are imbued with rustic tumbled river stone, terra cotta tile roofs, aged wood timbers, wrought iron work and charming pergolas. The overall design goal is to be inventive, yet in touch with tradition, to provide a link with the past while defining a new and creative architecture.

All homes are fully integrated with nature, have gravity fed spring water and green grass roofs. A grass roof, in addition of being nature friendly and pretty, have added benefit of reducing inside temperatures by about 5 degrees in hot summer days and by adding addtionial 5 degrees of warmth inside your home, compared to regular roofs.

Design Regulations

Design Regulations have been established to assure that architectural and landscape design within Alindaterra reflects the vision for the community. The Design Regulations serve to inform homesite owners of the special physical, cultural, and visual qualities that contribute to the natural beauty of the estate, and how those qualities can be maintained and enhanced through responsive design.