Private airport

 The private airfield is  well integrated with natural surroundings and located in a valley  filled with ponds. Our airport has 650 registered meters and 1000 meters operational, and has become an attractive alternative to get to Santa Catarina’s  Mountains.

ICAO code: sijn 

Private airport

The airport was set-up on November 17th, 2012, and is operational.   Soon, the airsheds will be built and more enthusiasts will be able to come to Santa Catarina Mountains by plane.

Operational details:

For landing on 19, Rush should be 300 feet AGL, maximum power and right turn (do not keep the runway as an extension of it enters a valley). For landing on 01, watch the gradient descent Lane 1.75%, but the head is free to rush. Services available: Accommodation and restaurant a thousand meters from the runway, fishing, horseback riding, very natural space to walk and live the farm. Coordinates : 27° 51′ 48,3″ S / 049° 34′ 42,5″ W Frequency for coordination : LIVRE/ Free 123.45 Cabeceiras/ Runways: 01 e 19 Runway 01 Altitude : 2.900 pés/ ft Runway 19 Altitude : 2.860 pés/ ft