Sustainable Life

A Long Term and Permanent Commitment

Estado de Alindaterra is dedicated to creating a sustainable community through the construction of environmentally friendly homes, the proper use of the natural open spaces, or the active participation to facilitate the community’s social needs. We aim to establish a sustainability that will endure for years to come. Here are some examples of our efforts:

Environmental Initiatives


The water at Alindaterra comes from natural springs and creeks from the mountains. Natural sand and clay layers filters the water to make it perfectly clear and fresh to have a perfect pH balance. No need to add harmful chemicals, just natural flowing water.

 Roads &Lighting

The roads within the property have been specifically designed to preserve as much native flora as possible. Having paved road allows for carefree transportation within the development, but the nature of the fine gravel used to create the pavement has a subtle impact, environmentally and visually. The sides of the roads will be left in their natural state, without any finishing or curbs to avoid additional construction and maintain a rustic look. In addition, the public lighting used on the roads is sporadic and of low voltage, and is routinely switched off during nighttime  to minimizing the use of electricity, not to disturb animals and birds, to allow amazing view on starry skies and to provide people more healthier sleep.

Homes & Common Buildings

The Design Regulations for the construction of buildings and homes establishes the standard of such constructions to be designed in a way that blends with the surrounding landscapes. The buildings are made with local and natural materials, are restricted to exceed a certain height, and apply colors that emulate the natural backdrops. In order to ensure a minimal use of the natural resources, it is encouraged to use native flora for the landscaping of exterior spaces.

All future homes will be fully integrated with nature – green roof is a condominium design requirement and besides making homes less visible to neighbors, this will guarantee better microclimate of the house.